Intranet and extranet :
2 tools to support your organisation

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Web tools are excellent communication channels, but they can also be used to organise your activities. Intranet and extranet networks have qualities that are essential to the optimal functioning of your business. Creating an intranet improves collaboration between your employees and speeds up many tasks. The extranet network promotes communication between you and your partners. Our goal is to offer you the development of an intranet and the design of an extranet that’s custom-made and designed to meet your specific needs.

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Your bespoke intranet

Every day, your employees interact constantly. They share documents, ask each other questions and schedule meetings. This time spent interacting is both essential and time-consuming. That’s why it’s so beneficial to facilitate its execution and make it more efficient.

Using an intranet network lets you organise and control access to the data used by your employees. Regardless of the size of your company or the business you’re in, centralising your data and making it accessible electronically increases the efficiency of your work. Through the development of the intranet, access to your documents and data is regulated, which guarantees the security of your information. Designing an intranet within your company is also a way to promote a very fashionable concept: remote working. Your staff will have access to the documents they need, no matter where they are physically.


Questions you ask yourself most often

What is the turnaround to create an intranet/extranet? +

The time taken to complete a project is very variable and takes into account a large number of criteria, including your specifications. That said, on this type of project, we observe on average a delay of 10 to 12 months.

What about maintenance? +

Since your intranet/extranet does not use third-party services, maintenance is not necessarily mandatory. However, it is important to explain its usefulness to you. Like any technology, maintenance ensures a regular update of the heart of your intranet/extranet and its dependencies. This allows in particular to overcome security problems, data optimization and more again, to keep your project up to date to keep it ready for any future development.

Developing your extranet

Creating an extranet is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with your partners, suppliers and customers. This tool lets you offer them an effective document management or information transmission service. An operation that maximises both the loyalty and efficiency of your professional relationships.

Our state-of-the-art technology for your networks

Our vision of intranet and extranet networks in business is based on a conviction: these networks must be tailor-made. We set out to master all the processes inherent in your organisation, to provide you with an architecture and a flawless way of using it. Our team listens to your needs in order to define your specific requirements and develop, together, the strategy that will best meet them. It is this search for efficiency, time optimisation and data security that guides our underlying technological approach. We want to guarantee you and your employees and partners the use of a fast, efficient and intuitive tool. Data security is, of course, one of our priorities. From now on, your staff and your network of partners will have access to your organisation's data and documents from outside. This requires the establishment of a private, secure network with robust authentication systems. Our team is full of ideas, skills and enthusiasm which we want to put at your service to design, together, the intranet and extranet networks that will make your life easier!

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