Our agency

Agence web, excellence, développement sur mesure


We are above all code enthusiasts. More than a way of life, it’s an art. As some people see genius in creating a Rembrandt painting, we’re just as amazed by a perfect coding structure.


Discipline, rigour and high standards are our watchwords. Delivering code is normal, but with us, you’re guaranteed optimal work that will meet the standards of the biggest search engines on the market.

Why our agency?

Quai des Balises was born out of a sense of injustice. During our professional experiences, we met many companies who told us they were completely tied up with agencies. Some even told us they didn't know if they owned domain name.

How are we different?

We work transparently with you. Our quotes are clear, the creative process will be explained to you and you will enjoy follow-up and advice for any possible changes. We are Laravel-certified experts, which means we can respond to even your most demanding requests.

What's it like to be a customer of Quai des Balises?

You are the centre of our attention. Our work requires us to learn about your profession, your talents. Passionate about what you do, we humbly want to contribute to your success by offering you digital tools tailored to your needs and goals. Let's strive for excellence together.

Our target zone and catchment area

We are a B2B company. We work with craftsmen, small, medium and intermediate companies and groups. We operate in France as well as abroad.


We can take your project onboard. We’d love to work with you!

Why work with us?

You will own your domain name and hosting. You will be dealing with one of the most demanding agencies on the quality of your code:

  • Compliance with standards and guidelines
  • SEO-friendly code. Meets the technical requirements of the major search engines on the market.
  • Performance and loading time. Our goal is to achieve the maximum scores from the current performance analysis tools such as the famous google page speed, as well as GT metrix.
  • We are Laravel-certified. To continue to infuse quality into your projects, we flew to New York to be trained and certified.

Why bespoke?

Before we focused solely on a tailored approach, we worked extensively in the field of Wordpress and Prestashop. We have a solid track record in terms of CMS (Content Management System). The main flaw of these solutions is a large code that is difficult to optimise. In addition, the source code is open to anyone who wants to change it, which often generates bugs or even serious security vulnerabilities.

Why the name?

Quai des Balises was born on the morning of 1 December 2016! First of all, the “Quai” (Wharf) is where we (François and David) met during our studies. Coding with sea views certainly gave us ideas to steer an entrepreneurial course! The “Quai” also symbolises the place where a journey begins. A journey for us, but also for you! Your project should be a cruise, not a chore! The goal is for you to get it right. “Balises” (tags) are the smallest components in one of the languages we use, and we thought it was a nice tribute to pay. Finally, “balise” also means a beacon - a marker in the middle of nowhere to help people find their way. We want to be a company that will advise you, help you and get you to where you need to be.