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Whether you're managing a large group, craft company or young start-up, your structure needs to be based on tools that exactly meet its needs. That's the whole point of developing custom-made business software: you decide for yourself what features you'll have to drive your entire business. So why not choose the expertise and transparency you get with our web agency?

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SaaS software development: the expertise of a creative digital agency

Developing SaaS software (Software as a Service) requires a wide range of expertise. From the front-end, which will decide the appearance and functionality of your interfaces, to the back-end, which must provide you with the most relevant algorithms and ensure the smooth operation and security of your databases, a whole team of developers will have to examine your online software project.

Quai des Balises puts all its expertise at the service of your company, to provide you with the work tool you have always dreamed of. Do you want to design a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) system to improve your business performance? Or would you like to improve your human resources with a sourcing and management tool adapted to your organisation? Do you need a platform to retrieve data and use it to best effect? Our team listens to your requirements to offer you unique web software, tailored for the needs of your company.


Questions you ask yourself most often

What is the turnaround to create a SaaS software? +

The time taken to complete a project is very variable and takes into account a large number of criteria, including your specifications. That said, on this type of project, we observe on average a delay of 8 to 12 months.

What about maintenance? +

Since your software does not use third-party services, maintenance is not necessarily mandatory. However, it is important to explain its usefulness to you. Like any technology, maintenance ensures a regular update of the heart of your software and its dependencies. This allows in particular to overcome security problems, data optimization and more again, to keep your project up to date to keep it ready for any future development.

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Bespoke software: what are the benefits for your business?

The advantages of custom-made business software are numerous for companies, regardless of their industry or size. Creating business software means ensuring an obvious return on investment in terms of time and money. Unlike traditional software, these online services can be accessed from your organisation's computers, as well as from all your employees’ mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). So you can provide your company with extra agility, as well as to all your employees by giving them a tool specially designed for their use. By having your custom start-up software built, you can freely choose the features you want, and then receive regular updates and maintenance. Your work tool adapts not only to your economic environment, but also to your business activity whenever you want.

Our team of web developers is available throughout the design of your software, as well as after. We guide the drafting of your specifications, after studying the specifics of your company's business. We help you design the software that will fully meet your expectations, while helping you control your budget. We then support you in its operation and daily use. Our key words: expertise, but also transparency and creativity! You can also have an unlimited number of users, which you simply need to register online: there’s no need to have multiple software licences on behalf of your company. So, are you ready to activate SaaS mode to boost your company's performance with Quai des Balises?

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