Our method of hosting

Conseil hébergement, Planet Hoster

The digital world, and in particular the Internet, differs little from the physical world in some respects, including hosting. Just as any leisure or professional activity must find a secure location or defined external space to flourish, any web activity must be located on a server, run and managed by a host, which ensures the security and "good keeping" of the digital place you call home. Here at Quai des Balises, we are committed to providing you with advice and recommendations in this area. So let’s take a look at our web hosting methods.

Hosting: monitoring and support

Within our company, we are not hosts ourselves: we instead act as "hosting guides". Our know-how and expertise are to advise and direct our clients towards an optimal hosting solution that’s relevant and tailored to their needs. We carry out a complete audit of the contingencies related to our customers’ web activity, especially in terms of the size of the site, both now and in the future, current and future traffic, and taking into account any changes planned. Based on this audit, we establish a sketch of the website hosting solution best suited to the project, and help our clients make the transition to this model.

Customers control their own hosting

The importance of this consulting activity for you, in addition to its information aspect, is that you retain complete control of your hosting. You keep your freedom to act and are not dependent on us in any way. We analyse your business, establish your digital profile, and direct you to the most efficient solution for your project: whether it’s shared hosting (a virtual environment common to several users, which makes this solution very economical), or dedicated hosting, more adapted depending on the situation. Whatever the case, you remain in control of your e-commerce or other hosting: we provide advice, and you retain the guarantee of your independence and hosting in your own name.

Our host company : PlanetHoster

As for the hosts we direct our customers towards, they boil down to one name: PlanetHoster. Why this choice? According to our experience in this area, they offer the best quality hosting on all fronts. This host consists of a team of professionals who are reactive and experienced in hosting websites. Their knowledge of the subject is intimate, providing their customers with a quality, efficient and rapid after-sales service. What’s more, here at Quai des Balises, we know their tools and methods of server management, technically speaking, which is why our deep appreciation of their work is based on an informed view. We know their professionalism and outsourcing skills, particularly in terms of their ability to keep their servers up to date at all times and at sensible rates. These reasons lead us to particularly recommend this host to our customers.