Web platform development

Plateforme web, réseaux sociaux, entraide

Web presence is essential for your business. What you now need is a proper digital platform, developed by professionals. Our agency is there to help you make this happen by offering a bespoke solution.

Everyone has their perfect platform!

We are at your disposal to create the web platform for the site you need, whatever it is: there’s no single site model here, but rather as many sites as there are customers. We'll work with you to define the site you need, listening to you and talking to you to make sure you get exactly what you need. We will support you in creating a visually pleasing site, advising you on best graphic practices.

For example, you may want to consider creating a social network, setting up a self-help platform, opening a media sales site or managing a training platform (Openclassroom, an online training site). Whatever your project, our specialists will offer you a complete solution: we can not just create the platform itself, but all the associated community tools as well (online messaging, discussion forum etc). In this way, we can provide you with a turnkey website that fully responds to your needs.

Our web development agency uses two Open Source frameworks, Laravel and Vue.js. You will never be tied to the commercial policy of the company behind the framework, as would be the case with US-owned frameworks, since these open source tools are maintained and developed by a vast community of developers: this is the best guarantee of the sustainability of your digital tool.


Questions you ask yourself most often

What is the turnaround to create a web platform? +

The time taken to complete a project is very variable and takes into account a large number of criteria, including your specifications. That said, on this type of project, we observe on average a delay of 8 to 12 months.

What about maintenance? +

Since your web platform does not use third-party services, maintenance is not necessarily mandatory. However, it is important to explain its usefulness to you. Like any technology, maintenance ensures a regular update of the heart of your web platform and its dependencies. This allows in particular to overcome security problems, data optimization and more again, to keep your project up to date to keep it ready for any future development.

An efficient, high-performance platform

There's no point in having a web presence if no one finds your site or if it can’t cope with the load! We are specialists, guaranteeing you an optimised platform. We develop an SEO-friendly code, that is, a code designed to ensure maximum visibility within search engine results; this is the delicate art of search engine optimisation (SEO)! With such an optimised code, your site will be more visible ... and therefore receive more visits from Internet users!

Loading time is another pitfall to avoid: users are impatient, and if the site takes too long to load, they may give up before they even view a single page! Our experts take this essential aspect into account in all their developments, to deliver a responsive site which quickly appears on screens, whatever they are (PC, smartphone, tablet etc). Our specialists also take into account the predictable traffic on your web platform: the constraints are not the same if you need a site designed to support high daily traffic as they are for a more confidential site!

Experts certifiés Laravel Framework

We are Laravel certified

Guaranteeing you quality work is a priority for us.

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