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Quai des Balises digital agency creates professional websites. In particular, we offer to develop a showcase site according to your specifications at an attractive price. Having a modern, efficient website corresponding to current web standards is a necessity for today's businesses. Your showcase website is the first image you give of your services to your visitors. With our services, you can reflect professionalism, reliability and all the values that set your business apart.

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Creating a website tailored to your business

Here at Quai des Balises, our experts make every effort to create a showcase site that fully meets the requirements and needs of your business. Our web agency is based on bespoke development and provides you with ready-to-use sites, manageable (if desired) and fully customised according to your specifications and requirements. In this way, your showcase site not only reflects your graphic charter, but perfectly matches the image you want to present to your customers and visitors to your pages. When creating a website, we obviously use responsive designs, so that your content adapts to user practices and is displayed in a clear, readable and aesthetic way on all screen formats.


Questions you ask yourself most often

What is the turnaround to create a showcase website? +

The time taken to complete a project is very variable and takes into account a large number of criteria, including your specifications. That said, on this type of project, we observe on average a delay of 2 to 4 months.

J'ai déjà une maquette. Pouvez-vous l'intégrer ? +

De manière générale oui. Cependant il est important de préciser que le webdesign est un métier qui répond à des exigences UX que seul un véritable expert peut prévoir.

What about maintenance? +

Since your website does not use third-party services, maintenance is not necessarily mandatory. However, it is important to explain its usefulness to you. Like any technology, maintenance ensures a regular update of the heart of your website and its dependencies. This allows in particular to overcome security problems, data optimization and more again, to keep your project up to date to keep it ready for any future development.

Why choose Quai des Balises to create your website?

By entrusting the creation of your showcase site to Quai des Balises, you can be assured that your pages will be designed by experienced professionals, perfectly trained in the specifics of today's Internet. We individualise your pages by integrating your graphic charter and content. You don't yet have a graphic charter? We will define one for you that will contribute to your brand image. We build your showcase sites so that your customers and visitors have all the information they need from the home page. We optimise your pages for rapid display on different browsers and design your site so that it is scalable and can grow with your business.

First impression: you can’t afford to get it wrong!

Your company must be able to convince from the first contact, and that’s where the design and content of your showcase site take on their full importance. The first impression is essential and you can’t afford to get it wrong. Whether at work, at home or on the road, your customers and business partners need to be able to easily find the information they're looking for on your site. You need a modern design that shows you’re serious and fully competent, as well as relevant, current content. This will increase the attractiveness of your business for both your visitors and search engines. Quai des Balises helps you refocus on your business by offloading the task of creating your website. We can also maintain and update your pages. Check out our customer service for a quote!

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