Our web expertise at the service of your company

Expertise web, optimisation, Laravel, Vuejs

Our web agency brings together a real team of experts in the field of web and software development. Our goal: to provide you with all the expertise you need to carry out your digital project. Whether you want to create a fully customised e-commerce site or equip your company with custom software or create a showcase site, our developers will place all their knowledge and experience at the service of your organisation. Discover the expertise of the Quai des Balises agency.

Our expertise supporting your company’s software

The software you use to run your business and make strategic decisions should always be subject to customised web-based development. Why? Because these are your daily work tools: their features should save you time and optimise your processes. Our team of developers starts by listening to what you need in order to anticipate, as precisely as possible, the real needs of your organisation. They then use proven methods to design the software of your choice: customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, human resources. We only use tools we know, but that’s not all: we fully master and test them several times to offer you the best possible quality of service. The Laravel and VueJS frameworks, their ecosystems and the development of APIs hold no more secrets for us!

Expertise for you to use

While our technical skills are essential to develop your projects, it’s just as important to be able to think, design and optimise their use and their interface. UX design is an integral part of our business. Before we can develop your tools, we start by creating them in our heads. Aware that they are tools you will use frequently, we ask ourselves what will be the best way to design them. Improving your daily life and especially your productivity are our watchwords. Simplicity of use is strictly part of our development process to provide you with efficient, high-quality tools.

Expertise to support transparent customer relationships

Expertise is nothing without transparency or an ability to listen. And because bespoke development is part of the DNA of our web agency, we place you at the heart of our UX (user experience) approach. The SaaS websites and software we design are entirely created for end-users: executives and business leaders, as well as their employees and partners. We therefore make sure we establish an ongoing dialogue throughout your web project, in order to constantly adjust our thinking and our working methods. We have a simple goal: to equip your organisation with the digital tools it needs, to sell its products or improve its overall operation. So what web expertise do you need today?

Expertise to support your e-commerce site

Whether you’re a trader or craftsman, do you want to promote your products online and allow Internet users to buy them remotely? Quai des Balises is here to design a unique online store that will meet the expectations of users as well as the needs of your business. We operate the PrestaShop CMS (Content Management System) to facilitate the running of your e-commerce site yourself at the end of our collaboration. We customise the features of this high-performance CMS to create an online store that reflects the image of your company. We optimise your website for natural referencing, with an SEO-oriented code, as well as for conversion, by offering a quality user experience (UX) to your customers.