Developing bespoke web apps

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We use web apps every day. Whether it's an online hotel reservation, a remote appointment or a digital billing service, apps allow their users to become more efficient, as well as save time. So what if you gave your business a custom-made web application? Our experts study your project to turn it into reality: check out our services, our app development skills and our commitments.

Web app development: our field of expertise

Developing a bespoke web app must meet rigorous criteria to deliver a quality experience to its users. However, the user is not always an individual: many companies also use apps to manage their business relationships, HR processes, accounting management or data consolidation. So it’s essential your employees have a reliable, practical app that’s intuitive and easy to use. Our team of seasoned developers is dedicated to studying your app project with the utmost attention. Together, we draw up specifications that will meet the needs of your business while helping you keep your budget in check.

By opting for bespoke development, you only get the features you really need: there’s no point paying for features you'll never use. Beyond the design of your app, we also support its deployment and implementation within your organisation. Our goal is to provide you with a rapid operational work tool which we will maintain over time.


Questions you ask yourself most often

What is the turnaround to create a web app? +

The time taken to complete a project is very variable and takes into account a large number of criteria, including your specifications. That said, on this type of project, we observe on average a delay of 8 to 12 months.

What about maintenance? +

Since your web app does not use third-party services, maintenance is not necessarily mandatory. However, it is important to explain its usefulness to you. Like any technology, maintenance ensures a regular update of the heart of your web app and its dependencies. This allows in particular to overcome security problems, data optimization and more again, to keep your project up to date to keep it ready for any future development.

Bespoke web apps: what are the benefits for your business?

You're probably already using apps to run your business and/or coach your teams. But do they really meet your daily needs? How many features do you have, and how many do you really use? General apps do not take into account the specifics of your industry or those of your organisation. By opting for bespoke app development, you'll be sure to have a tool designed for your company's unique current and future needs. We base our approach on your expectations to develop features tailored to your employees’ different tasks. We help break down walls within your organisation, encouraging cross-cutting skills and collaborative work through a dedicated app.

The key is more fluid internal processes, enhanced business relationships and significant time saving. Your customised app can be accessed from all browsers, as well as all your employees’ mobile devices: the SaaS model allows us to guarantee foolproof accessibility. Finally, we ensure the security of your application, along with the data it uses. Our commitment: to put the user experience (UX) and transparency at the heart of our efforts to offer you the best of our web expertise. So, what web app do you need today?

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