Proven technologies
and the skills to handle them

Compétences Laravel, Vuejs, php

If you’re looking at this page, then you want to make a digital project a reality. It could be the creation of an e-commerce site, or the bespoke design of software for your business. However, web and software development requires specific skills: we have focused on bringing them together within a versatile team. Quai des Balises uses all its skills to create your online store or design your bespoke software, whether you’re a very small, small, medium or intermediate-sized company, large group or start-up. What web expertise will you require?

Quai de Balises and website creation

Quai des Balises has made bespoke solutions its trademark. Do you need a functional, efficient e-commerce site to distribute the products of your craft or commercial company? A team of experienced web developers put all their skills at the service of your project: HTML development, CSS development, PHP development, JavaScript development, not to mention a good dose of creativity. We offer an online store tailored to the needs of your business: we use PrestaShop CMS, which we customise with modules developed by ourselves. Our team puts the user experience (UX) at the heart of its approach: our websites are designed so that you find them easy to use, but also so that your customers enjoy an attractive shopping experience. We also work transparently. By establishing an ongoing dialogue throughout our collaboration, we make it easy for you to take control of your e-commerce site.

Quai des Balises and the creation of bespoke software

Do you want to equip your company with high-performance software, but above all adapted to the specifics of your business? We have fully mastered the technologies we use: programming languages and associated frameworks such as Laravel and Vue.js are our daily tools. We exploit their full potential to design the software you need. Would you like to improve the monitoring of your business performance, as well as optimise your marketing plans and customer relations? We design CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, adding in only the features you need. Do you want to encourage collaborative working within your company? Our web agency will make you a bespoke collaborative platform, in the form of SaaS software. Need to collect data and use it via an interactive platform? Your work tool can be accessed from all your employees' terminals, be they fixed or portable computers, tablets or smartphones. Did you mention agility?