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Phare du Quai des Balises

Digital projects follow one another but are not the same. Are you the head of a small, medium or intermediate-sized company who would like to develop bespoke business SAAS software? Are you a demanding customer who’d like to offer a unique shop window for your company on the web? An artisan or trader who’d like to display your products online and allow your customers to buy them directly on your website? Our digital communication agency will support you in France and abroad: discover the scope of our services, as well as our commitments and bespoke philosophy.

Web development: what can we do to help you?

A web development agency can help you in a thousand different ways, regardless of your company's digital situation. Have you tested countless software programs that don't meet your needs and that you have to adapt to all the time? Opt for a quality tailor-made development that perfectly meets your expectations. You don't have a functional website yet to promote your business? We’ll develop a unique, original site, just like your company, to help it shine online. Would you like to develop a business on the web and take advantage of the many digital opportunities available to you? Our team of experts will design a functional, attractive online store so you can make your project a reality. All our digital creations are optimised for natural referencing: the performance and loading time of your pages will never be a problem for you again. So why not choose the custom option with the Quai des Balises team?

Quai des Balises: our bespoke philosophy

Our web agency’s philosophy is simple: to offer you a digital solution fully customised to meet your needs. We use high-performance frameworks to create the architecture and interfaces of your website, such as Laravel and Vue.js. These tools mean we can not only build your custom digital platform, but also develop customised user interfaces. The goal is to provide you with a functional, intuitive work tool which you can then use independently. We adapt our creations to the real needs of your business, as well as your marketing and commercial objectives. Finally, we take care of the transfer of the skills needed to take control of your website and/or application. In this way, you have a real digital toolkit to boost your online activity and stand out on the web.

Quai des Balises: the need for transparency and careful listening

Machines must adapt to human needs, not the other way around. That's why our team puts people at the heart of its approach: we make sure we listen to you carefully so that we can offer you fully adapted solutions. We focus our work on the key elements of your digital project: whether you want to work on the natural referencing of your website, its general performance or its design, we adapt to your requirements. We are also adept at transparent working: from specifications to quotes, through the various stages of your project, we set up regular discussions to ensure you’re always satisfied. So why not choose the expertise, transparency and creativity of Quai des Balises to carry out your next web project?